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Teber St. Benedict Mixed Day Secondary School, Sub County School

Completion Date


How did you get involved with the scholarship program?

I got a scholarship when Mbegu Trust came to our school and asked us if anyone wanted to be sponsored through the scholarship program. I raised my hand and I was told that Mbegu Trust would be supporting me by paying my school fees.

Do you have a favorite memory while in the program?

I learnt more about taekwondo. I met with students from different schools. The mentors taught us many things.

What was the most rewarding aspect about the program?

We meet and interact with different students from different schools hence we learn new things. The mentors taught me many things that I didn’t know about. The program pays for my school fees and that means that I do not have any challenges in paying my school fees.

Do you have a set of goals for the future?

Yes, I would like to be a pilot.