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Kapsabet High School, National School

Completion Date


How did you get involved with the scholarship program?

The Mbegu Trust visited our school and the principal told them that I had written a letter in need of a scholarship, so I had a small chat with them and after that, they invited me to be one of their scholars.

Do you have a favorite memory while in the program?

My favourite memory in the programme is about the mentors who visited us and made us open up as well as exposed us to more in life than just education. They have educated us and exposed us to different career paths and choices.

What was the most rewarding aspect about the program?

The most rewarding aspect about the program is that I have been able to meet with students from different backgrounds and get exposed more to the world than where I am living. Also, the fact that I will no longer have to worry about my school fees and other needs.

Do you have a set of goals for the future?

I aspire to work in the field of medicine and specialize in dealing with chronic diseases and pursue music as a side hustle as well as investing in farming.