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Tambach High School, Extra County School

Completion Date


How did you get involved with the scholarship program?

After KCPE was announced, I passed with 358 and it was then that my mother helped me to apply for this scholarship program. I was later called for an interview with the Mbegu Trust team and therefore considered one of the beneficiaries.

Do you have a favorite memory while in the program?

My favorite memory is when we met Brian, our mentor, a beneficiary who had come before us and motivated us on core values that leads to success, and that is to avoid procrastination.

What was the most rewarding aspect about the program?

The most rewarding aspect is that the program caters for my school fees, shopping, and everything that I need to make me comfortable during my studies.

Do you have a set of goals for the future?

I want to make sure that I work hard to get good grades to pursue my career of becoming a doctor and make my sponsors proud.